Panels, Talks and Workshops

Panels and Talks

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2019. Invited panelist at the “Public Policy and Public Administration Education in South Asia/India: Challenges and Opportunities” plenary, Governance in an Era of Inequality: Training the Next Generation of Policy Practitioners in South Asia conference. NASPAA and Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, February 25.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2019. Invited speaker at the “Preferable Futures” panel, UnBox 2019 Design Festival, Bangalore, February 16.

Srinivasan, Janaki and Elisa Oreglia. 2018. “Placeless and Faceless in Asia?: Mythmaking and Moral Economies in the Digital Age.” Paper presented at the Techno-Optimism Within and Beyond Silicon Valley conference, UC Berkeley Centre for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, October 19-20.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2018. Invited speaker at the “What can MobileHCI learn from the Global South?” panel, MobilHCI conference, Barcelona, September 4-7.

Rao, Sachit,; Bidisha Chaudhuri, and Janaki Srinivasan. “To Bot or Not to Bot, that’s the question.” Paper presented at the Artificial Intelligence and Cognition as Social Praxis panel, Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting, Sydney, August 29 -September 1.

Srinivasan, Janaki and Bidisha Chaudhuri. 2018. “What is the future of work in the technology sector?” Question Marks Seminar. Australia India Institute, Melbourne, August 28.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2018. “Seeing Invisibility: Technology in Development.” Invited talk at Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore, June 28.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2017. “Unique or Just Another ID?: Seeing the State with (U)IDs in India.” Paper at the Technology, Politics and Governance in India panel of the 46th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin Madison, October 26-28.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2016. Invited participant at the International Research Seminar on Family Empowerment in South Asia, Chittagong, October 1. Asian University for Women.

Srinivasan, Janaki and Elisa Oreglia. 2016. “Digital Myths and the Making of a Moral Economy.” Paper presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Advancement of Socioeconomics (SASE), Berkeley, June 24-26.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2015. Invited participant at the Expert Group Meeting on Women and ICT Frontier Initiative (WIFI) Programme, Incheon, 7-8 May. United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development.

Oreglia, Elisa and Janaki Srinivasan. 2015. “Re-embedding Market Information Systems: Thoughts on Design.” Poster presented at the iConference, Newport Beach.

Srinivasan, Janaki; Megan Finn and Morgan Ames. 2015. “Beyond Information Determinism to Information Orders: A New Framework for Policy.” Poster presented at the iConference, Newport Beach.

Burrell, Jenna and Janaki Srinivasan. 2014. “Revisiting the Fishermen of Kerala, India.” Talk at the Energy and Resources Group Colloquium, University of California Berkeley, March 5.

Srinivasan, Janaki and Rajesh Veeraraghavan. 2013. “Recording Work, Anchoring Politics: The Role of ‘Muster Rolls’ in Public Work Schemes in India.” Paper at the 42nd Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin Madison, October 20.

Finn, Megan; Lilly Irani; Christo Sims and Janaki Srinivasan. 2013. “Information and Communication Technologies, Aspiration and Identity.” Panel at the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting, San Diego, October 9 -12.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2013. “Mobiles and Mobility: The Use of Mobile Phones by Fishers in Kerala, India.” Talk at the Human Computer Interaction Seminar Series, April 26. Virginia Tech.

Burrell, Jenna and Janaki Srinivasan. 2012. “A Work Practice Approach to Understanding Actors in Agricultural Markets: Revisiting the Fishermen of Kerala, India.” Talk at the 4th Annual IMTFI Conference for Funded Researchers, University of California Irvine, December 5-6.

Duguid, Paul; Megan Finn; Ashwin Mathew and Janaki Srinivasan. 2011. “The Informational State: Paradigm Or Paradox?” Panel at the iConference, University of Washington, Seattle, February 8-11.

Srinivasan, Janaki. 2010. Invited participant at the IndoUK Roundtable Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development, Bangalore, January 11 13. British High Commission and IIITB.

Burrell, Jenna; Padraig Carmody; Anita Gurumurthy; James Murphy and Janaki Srinivasan. 2010. How can ICT Research Better Inform and Communicate Theories of Development and Globalization? New Challenges and Promising Directions” Panel at the 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Development, London, December 1314.

Kuriyan, Renee; Joyojeet Pal; Aishwarya Ratan; Isha Ray and Janaki Srinivasan. 2008. “Information And Communication Technologies and Development.” Panel at the 23rd  South Asia Annual Conference, Berkeley, February 14 – 16.

Parthasarathy, Balaji and Janaki Srinivasan. 2006. “Innovation and its Social Impacts: The Role of Ethnography in the Evaluation and Assessment of ICTD Projects.” Paper presented at Globelics India 2006- Innovation Systems for Competitiveness & Shared Prosperity in Developing Countries, Trivandrum, October 4. Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Workshops (co) organized

Identity Unconference at IIIT-Bangalore, July 10-11, 2018 (with IEEE and Internet Identity Workshop (IIW))

Online Platform Labour Workshop at IIIT-Bangalore, July 5, 2018 (with Fairwork Foundation).

No Cash, No Intermediaries? Workshop at IIIT-Bangalore, November 11, 2016 (with support from Institute for Money Technology and Financial Inclusion, University of California Irvine)